We will soon be announcing the Musical Theatre Production for 2015. The program will run from June 27th to July 19th inclusive.

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CYMC Musical Theatre 2014 from Unveil Studios on Vimeo. Check here for previous year’s videos

Junior Strings – 2015 Dates to be announced

Photo of Junior Strings Players

Junior Strings Players

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Classical Strings and Flute Program

June 28th to July 12th 2015 inclusive

Photo of a cymc concerts at Stan Hagen Theatre

A concert at Stan Hagen Theatre

“I enjoyed all the playing, the amazing teachers, the learning experiences and chamber groups. I met some amazing people here“. J.M., Nanaimo, B.C.Read more..

Island Jazz – 2015 dates to be announced.

Photo of Jazz players

Jazz Trio

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Classical Piano – 2015 dates to be announced

Photo of three hands at the piano.

Piano trio

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